• Clore Scholars Programme scholarship for outstanding researchers pursuing PhD

  • Leshem Choshen, Lior Fox & Yonatan Lowenstein (2018 Huji Posters) Propagating Directed Exploration in Model-Free Reinforcement Learning

    • Best Poster - Faculty prize

  • Leshem Choshen & Omri Abend (2017 Huji Posters) Improved Methodology for reference-based Evaluation Grammatical Error Correction.

    • Outstanding Poster - Computer science department prize


  • Leshem Choshen, Lior Fox, Zohar Aizenbud, Omri Abend (ICLR 2020) On the Weaknesses of Reinforcement Learning for Neural Machine Translation
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex

  • Liat Ein-Dor, Eyal Shnarch, Lena Dankin, Alon Halfon, Benjamin Sznajder, Ariel Gera, Carlos Alzate, Martin Gleize, Leshem Choshen, Yufang Hou, Yonatan Bilu, Ranit Aharonov, Noam Slonim (AAAI 2020) Corpus wide argument mining - a working solution
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex

  • Leshem Choshen, Omri Abend (CoNLL 2019) Automatically Extracting Challenge Sets for Non-local Phenomena in Neural Machine Translation
    [bib] [pdf
    ] [code] [Latex]

  • Leshem Choshen, Dan Eldad, Daniel Hershcovich, Elior Sulem, Omri Abend (ACL 2019) The Language of Legal and Illegal Activity on the Darknet
    [bib] [
    pdf] [code] [Latex

  • Martin Gleize, Eyal Shnarch, Leshem Choshen, Lena Dankin, Guy Moshkowich, Ranit Aharonov, Noam Slonim (ACL 2019) Are You Convinced? Choosing the More Convincing Evidence with a Siamese Network
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex

  • Yoav Kantor, Yoav Katz, Leshem Choshen*, Edo Cohen-Karlik, Naftali Liberman, Assaf Toledo, Amir Menczel, Noam Slonim (BEA 2019) Learning to combine Grammatical Error Corrections
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex

  • Leshem Choshen & Omri Abend (ACL 2018) Inherent Biases in Reference-based Evaluation for Grammatical Error Correction and Text Simplification
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex

  • Leshem Choshen & Omri Abend (ACL 2018) Automatic Metric Validation for Grammatical Error Correction
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex]

  • Eyal Shnarch, Carlos Alzate, Lena Dankin, Martin Gleize, Yufang Hou, Leshem Choshen, Ranit Aharonov and Noam Slonim (ACL 2018) Will it Blend? Weak and Manual Labeled Data in a Neural Network for Argumentation Mining
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex]

  • Leshem Choshen, Lior Fox, Yonatan Loewenstein (ICLR 2018) DORA The Explorer: Directed Outreaching Reinforcement Action-Selection
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex]

  • Leshem Choshen & Omri Abend (NAACL-HLT 2018) Reference-less Measure of Faithfulness for Grammatical Error Correction
    [bib] [pdf] [code] [Latex]



  • Automatic Metric Validation for Grammatical Error Correction - Alignment is node alignment and not edge alignment. It is equivalent up to the top nodes of the DAG which should be aligned with each other.

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